About Us

In a past life, our family ran a small Dial Up and ADSL Internet business on the Central and North Coast.

We installed a “Wireless System” in a Central Coast retirement village that was only capable of 25K download speeds at that time. We serviced over 100 homes with our wireless system. This was quite a success until Telstra improved their capabilities in the area.

Of course with the advent of larger ADSL providers and the NBN, we have had to change the focus of our endeavours. You just can’t play with the big boys on an even footing.

We now rely on Web Hosting, Domain Names and Email Accounts (very much on a part time basis). However, the odds are, one of us will be there to respond to any enquiry you have.

Son has a managerial role in a Power Company in Port Macquarie:

Daughter has a managerial position in a large retail store in Coffs Harbour:

Father is blissfully enjoying his retirement in camping and stargazing opportunities:

We look forward to providing you with cost effective solutions to your Web based needs.